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Covered and relaxed: laptop and mobile phone cameras with protection for more well-being

Christina Wulf

In times of constant online presence and digital networking, the question of privacy is becoming more and more important. While we often feel unobserved in public spaces, we easily forget that our laptops and cell phones are equipped with cameras that can be activated at any time.

So why cover the cameras?

  • Protection against hackers: Although hacker attacks on private cameras are rare, the idea of ​​being filmed without being observed is disturbing for many people. A physical cover offers simple and effective protection.
  • Regain a sense of control: By covering the cell phone camera, we decide for ourselves when we are in focus and when we are not. This effectively reduces the uneasy feeling in the back of our minds that we are constantly being watched.
  • More privacy in everyday life: Whether in a café, on the train or while working at university – the camera cover on your mobile phone provides a reassuring feeling of privacy, even in situations where you might otherwise feel like you are being watched.

We simply asked

In 2022, we simply asked people across Germany via the local app Jodel: "Do you sometimes feel like you're being watched by your cell phone camera?" - and more than 2,600 people responded and 38% said 'yes' ! This shows that there is a great need for more control and privacy when using digital devices.

Covering laptop and cell phone cameras is a simple measure that can significantly improve your well-being. With a physical cover, you can minimize the risk of hacker attacks, regain a sense of control and effectively protect your privacy in everyday life.

This feeling of insecurity with open cell phone cameras was also the beginning of Closd . I love listening to music in the shower or having my cell phone lying around while I get changed. In such situations, I always put a pillow or t-shirt over my cell phone cameras. I didn't have a simple and attractive cover for the cameras on my cell phone at the time. So we thought of something ourselves and worked for 3 years on the best solution: The Closd cell phone case as stylish and functional camera protection for everyone who values ​​privacy and security.

The first Closd phone case is now available for the Samsung Galaxy A53 . So you can cover the cameras on your Galaxy A53 safely and stylishly!


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