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Set mobile phone strap with universal holder

Set mobile phone strap with universal holder

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The perfect set to connect your new cell phone strap to your smartphone. All parts are lovingly handmade in Muenster/ Germany.

Product advantages

The universal adapter is simply placed in your phone case and the loop is passed through the opening for the charging cable so that you can use the adapter with most phone cases.
Once your phone is placed in the case, the adapter sits securely between the case and the phone.

Now you can attach your cell phone strap or cell phone chain to the oval connecting part. To ensure a secure hold, it is important that the cell phone case is closed at the bottom and that there is an opening for the charging cable on the bottom of the case.

The band of the cell phone strap is made of 100% cotton. The snap hooks and all bioplastic parts were made by us from recycled bioplastic using a 3D printer. We also chose a bio-cotton thread for the yarn. All cell phone straps were sewn by our tailor in Muenster/ Germany


RIBBON - 100% cotton
PLASTIC PARTS - 98% rPLA (recycled PLA) plant-based + 2% masterbatch for coloring, petroleum-based
YARN - Bio-cotton

Product details

LENGTH - Continuously adjustable up to a length of 160 cm
CARE - Hand wash
STRENGTH - both snap hooks together hold a weight of up to 8 kg
WIDTH - The cotton ribbon is 2 cm wide
WEIGHT - 35g
ORIGIN - Made in Germany
PACKAGING - 100% recycled paper
SHIPPING - Climate neutral with DHL GoGreen

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The cell phone strap is made of 100% cotton and the plastic parts on the strap are made of a recycled material from plants.

Responsibly manufactured

We 3D print the plastic parts for the cell phone strap ourselves and then pass them on to our tailor in Münster to sew the straps.

Startup from Münster

Since 2021, Sebastian and Christina have been working together as siblings and co-founders on their startup for sustainable mobile phone accessories from Germany. With your purchase, you support a small, family-run business.

Thank you for making a difference!

With every product purchased, we donate 1% to The Ocean Cleanup. Together we support the goal of removing 90% of the plastic floating in the ocean.

Customer Reviews

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Rudolf Lembke
Set Handyband mit Universal Halterung beige

Für mein Samsung Galaxy S23 passt die Halterung gut. Das Band ist
20 mm breit und ca 450 mm lang. Es kann noch bis auf knapp 900 mm
länger gemacht werden. Die Haken sind aus einem Stück und werden in
eine Öse, die mit der Halterung vernäht ist, eingehängt.
Die Quallität des Produkts ist gut. Dafür hat sich meine Suche gelohnt.
Ich habe das Set erst ca. 3 Wochen, die Zeit wird zeigen wie es sich bewährt.

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